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Sepoy Zahid was the only Muslim to die i

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The family of police constable Zahid Gul, who was the only Muslim killed in the twin suicide bombing at the All Saints Church in the city on Sunday, has been mourning his death at its village Chamkani and at the same time accepting it as the will of Allah Zahid Gul’s old father told reporters at Chamkani near Peshawar on Tuesday th...

Astonishing decrease of load shading in

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This is the person Col. (R) Zaka Ullah (Sher Agha Chamkani) who is responsible for the decrease in electricity load shedding of Chamkani. Hats off to Mr. Col. (R) Zaka ullah for the superb spadework done by him to reduce power load shedding in our village. We as the dwellers of this village salute him for this outstanding achievement. Electricity Load sh...

PHC additional judges given one-year ext

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The Judicial Commission (JC) has recommended a one-year extension in the service of nine additional judges of the Sindh and Peshawar high courts and the regularisation of four additional judges of the Peshawar High Court (PHC). The judges of the PHC included Justice Asad Ullah Chamkani, Justice Roohul Amin, Justice Mrs Irshad Qaisar and Justice Shah Jahan Akhunzada. Media reports said the me...


Sokaniwaal Chamkani

Chamkani is not only the name of a village Infact Chamknai is a sub tribe of Pashto speeking people. Originally the name was Samkani but later on it changed to Sokani/Sokano and finally Chamkani. Its people are called Sokaniwaal or Chamkanian. Part of Chamkani is also exists in Afghanistan (Paktia) province which is the origin. Some people of this tribe are in Kurrum agency Khyber pukhtoon khawa province, Pakistan. The 2nd largest population are in Chamkani Peshawar, situated 7 KM east outside of Peshawar city.

According to 1998 census total population of village Chamkani was approximately 20,000, but increased more than 36,000 recently. More than 47% people migrated from other part of province. This include different people with different languages. Originally people of this land was hinko speeking people which are living here 800 years. Other surrounded villages are also ”Hinko” speaking.

Pashto speaking people are more dominant over hinko speaking. Hazrat Mia Umar Baba Chamkani (1973-1776) and Haji Darya Khan Baba (Abdul Khel) are the people who spent their lives for the guidance and education of the people. Haji Darya Khan Baba was actually Chamkanian and spent his life for the guidance of people thought Quran and Sunnah.

Village Chamkani is divided in different parts called, Mohallas. Area is approximately 4332 meter square but increasing day by day as population. However it is still very easy to locate someone due to these names of "Mohallahs". There are 7 or 8 Mohallas with its clear boundaries. According to the area and population Mohalla Qadir Khel (now Qada Khel) is the largest among them. Rests are Yaseen Khel, Bahram Khel, Mustafa Khel, Khwaja Khel, Chugha Khel, Bazar Ghari, Mohallah Qasaban, Mohallah Mochian, Mohallah Qazian, Khaliq Abad, Kohatian No 1, 2, Saidan, Miskeen Abad, Zarin Abad, Miagan, Jamrood Abad, Jan Khan Gari, Haji Abad, Shekhan, Baba Khel and Abdul Khel.

This excerpt was provided by Chamkani.NET to Wikipedia.


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