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Chamkani is not only the name of a village Infact Chamknai is a sub tribe of Pashto speeking people. Originally the name was Samkani but later on it changed to Sokani/Sokano and finally Chamkani. Its people are called Sokaniwaal or Chamkanian. Part of Chamkani is also exists in Afghanistan (Paktia) province which is the origin. Some people of this tribe are in Kurrum agency Khyber pukhtoon khawa province, Pakistan. The 2nd largest population are in Chamkani Peshawar, situated 7 KM east outside of Peshawar city.

According to 1998 census total population of village Chamkani was approximately 20,000, but increased more than 36,000 recently. More than 47% people migrated from other part of province. This include different people with different languages. Originally people of this land was hinko speeking people which are living here 800 years. Other surrounded villages are also ”Hinko” speaking.


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