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Astonishing decrease of load shading in Chamkani

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This is the person Col. (R) Zaka Ullah (Sher Agha Chamkani) who is responsible for the decrease in electricity load shedding of Chamkani. Hats off to Mr. Col. (R) Zaka ullah for the superb spadework done by him to reduce power load shedding in our village. We as the dwellers of this village salute him for this outstanding achievement.

Electricity Load shedding was too much respective to other rural area of the Peshawar. The situation was going worst and worst but nobody from political or social community succeeded to improve the situation.

Finally Mr. Zaka ullah personally visited WAPDA chairman and discussed the entire situation and for this injustice made throughout the last five (5) years. Now since last week load shedding will remain 12hours in 24hours. Previously in Chamkani and outskirts it was more than 18hours in 24 hours.