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Sacrilegious movie protests: DPC not allowed to pass by GT Road, red zone

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The Difa-e-Pakistan Council rally to be held in the city on Monday will not be allowed to pass the Grand Trunk Road (GT Road) and red zone area in Peshawar.

The organisers had planned to start the protest from the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) headquarters in Chamkani and go towards GT Road, Gulbahar, Hashtnagri, Firdous Chowk, Rehman Baba Square, Khyber Road, Gora Qabristan and University Road. The rally, which is in protest of an anti-Islam film, was scheduled to culminate in Karkhano Market.

However, District Coordination Officer Javed Marwat told The Express Tribune that the administration has refused to let the rally pass GT Road among a few other areas, as they expect the protesters to get violent.

“They can use the Ring Road instead to reach Karkhano Market, but we won’t let them pass by GT Road,” said Marwat.

However, DPC provincial head, Maulana Yousaf Shah, said that they will not change their plans, adding that the administration cannot direct them where to go.

JI Provincial General Secretary Shabbir Ahmed Khan also said that they have not changed the route so far. Khan said the administration has informed the district chapter of the DPC about its decision.

“They should approach the provincial committee of the DPC regarding any change of plans, as the district committee cannot decide on this,” said Khan.