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Sepoy Zahid was the only Muslim to die in church bombing

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The family of police constable Zahid Gul, who was the only Muslim killed in the twin suicide bombing at the All Saints Church in the city on Sunday, has been mourning his death at its village Chamkani and at the same time accepting it as the will of Allah.

Zahid Gul’s old father told reporters at Chamkani near Peshawar on Tuesday that his son had laid down his life serving the nation. “He died for his country trying to save lives at the church,” the simple farmer said.

The attack by the two suicide bombers at the church during a Sunday mass claimed 83 lives. Except Constable Zahid Gul, the other slain persons were all Christians. Zahid Gul and his fellow cop, who was injured in the attack, were the only two Muslims on duty at the church.


Zahid Gul’s family members said he recently got married. They said it was the first day of his duty at the church as he had been transferred there on Sunday and this proved to be the last day of his life. His brothers and friends described Zahid Gul as a friendly and amiable person. They said he was keen to join the police to serve the people.

Some of the eyewitnesses said one of the suicide bombers fired at Constable Zahid Gul with a pistol as he had tried to stop him from entering the church building. Peshawar Police chief Mohammad Ali Babakhel also said the cop had died trying to block the entry of the suicide bomber into the church.